'The Henry James BBC Radio Drama Collection' - 10 Full-Cast Dramatisations

20 hrs 24 mins

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The definitive collection of full-cast BBC radio dramatisations of Henry James’ classic novels - plus a bonus documentary about his life and work.

One of the greatest and most influential American novelists, Henry James is loved for his compelling storytelling, vividly realised characters and perceptive exploration of the shifting relationships between Europeans and Americans. But he also possessed extraordinary insights into the secrets of the human heart, as shown in the 10 dramas in this collection.

Roderick Hudson explores how love and obsession intermingle as old and new worlds collide; The American mixes humour and heartache in a tale of a self-made millionaire and an aristocratic young Frenchwoman; and desire and propriety clash in Daisy Miller when Frederick Winterbourne meets the beautiful, free-spirited Daisy. Pursued by two suitors, Isabel Archer longs for freedom in The Portrait of a Lady while a literary editor insinuates himself into the lives of an elderly spinster and her niece in The Aspern Papers.

What Maisie Knew is James’ classic tale of divorce seen through a child’s eyes while Gothic ghost story The Turn of the Screw tells the terrifying tale of a governess who tries to protect two young children from the forces of evil. The Wings of the Dove is a heartbreaking story of a doomed love triangle; dark comedy The Ambassadors features yearning and betrayal in aristocratic Paris; and The Golden Bowl explores two marriages and the secret that threatens to tear them apart.

The casts of these sweeping radio dramas include Kate Hudson, Kate Phillips, Emma Cunniffe, Jodie Comer, Henry Goodman and Toby Jones, with John Lynch as Henry James. Also featured is a bonus programme, The Master, in which Sarah Churchwell discusses James’ life and novels with author Colm Tóibin and biographer Hermione Lee.


Roderick Hudson by Henry James

Henry James     John Lynch
Roderick Hudson     Luke Newberry
Rowland Mallett     Derek Riddell
Christina Light     Emily Beecham
Mary Garland     Caitlin Thorburn
Mrs Hudson     Susan Twist
Mme Grandoni     Susan Twist
Cecilia     Kate Hudson
Mrs Light     Lorelei King
Cavaliere     Stephen Marzella
Director     Pauline Harris
Producer     Pauline Harris
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Lavinia Murray

The American by Henry James

Henry James     John Lynch
Christopher Newman     Lee Ingleby
Claire de Cintre     Olivia Hallinan
Madame de Bellgarde     Richenda Carey
Mrs Bread     Richenda Carey
Urbain Bellgarde     Jonathan Keeble
Msr Nioche     Jonathan Keeble
Valentin Bellgarde     Ashley Margolis
Noemie Nioche     Alais Lawson
Mrs Tristram     Alais Lawson
Mr Tristram     Ryan Early
Deepmere     Ryan Early
Director     Pauline Harris
Producer     Pauline Harris
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Lavinia Murray

Daisy Miller by Henry James

Henry James     John Lynch
Frederick Winterbourne     Jack Lowden
Daisy Miller     Julianna Jennings
Mrs Costello     Barbara Barnes
Randolph     Haris Giannakopolos
Director     Nadia Molinari
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Amanda Dalton

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

Henry James     John Lynch
Isabel Archer     Joanna Vanderham
Ralph Touchett     Sacha Dhawan
Lord Warburton     Ifan Meredith
Mr Touchett     Jonathan Keeble
Mrs Touchett     Frances Barber
Henrietta Stackpole     Lara Rossi
Caspar Goodwood     Samuel Edward-Cook
Madam Merle     Susan Lynch
Gilbert Osmond     Joseph Millson
Pansy     Amelia Clarkson
Countess Gemini     Chetna Pandya
Director     Nadia Molinari
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Linda Marshall Griffiths

The Aspern Papers by Henry James

The Editor     Zubin Varla
Juliana     Siân Phillips
Tina     Julia Rounthwaite
Mrs Prest     Susan Twist
Henry James     John Lynch
Director     Gary Brown
Producer     Gary Brown
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Amanda Dalton

What Maisie Knew by Henry James

Dramatised by Amanda Dalton.
Maisie  . . . .  Talia Barnett
Beale Farange  . . . .  Andonis Anthony
Ida Farange  . . . .  Joanne Mitchell
Miss Overmore / Mrs Beale  . . . .  Emma Naomi
Mrs Wix  . . . .  Julie Hesmondhalgh
Henry James  . . . .  John Lynch
    Producer: Nadia Molinari for BBC Radio 4
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

Henry James's haunting tale dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths
HENRY JAMES ..... John Lynch
THE GOVERNESS ..... Kate Phillips
LORD / PETER QUINT ..... Jake Ferretti
MRS GROSE/ MISS JESSEL ..... Krissi Bohn
FLORA ..... Poppy O'Brien
MILES ..... Elijah Wolf
Directed by Nadia Molinari
Sound design by Steve Brooke

The Wings of the Dove by Henry James

Henry James     John Lynch
Kate Croy     Aisling Loftus
Milly Theale     Jodie Comer
Lord Mark     Jack Lowden
Merton Densher     Nico Mirallegro
Croy     Anthony Ofoegbu
Maud Lowder     Emma Cunniffe
Director     Nadia Molinari
Author     Henry James
Adaptor     Linda Marshall Griffiths

The Ambassadors by Henry James

Lambert Strether Henry Goodman
Chad Orlando Seale
Madame Marie De Vionnet Joanna Bergin
Maria Gostrey/Portress Clare Lawrence-Moody
John Little Bilham Rikki Lawton
Waymarsh Paul Moriarty
Sarah Pocock/Duchess Adjoa Andoh
Jim Pocock James Lailey
Miss Barrace Tracy Wiles
Andre Carl Prekopp
Gloriani/Lazlo Adam Billington
Jeanne Victoria Inez-Hardy
Directed by Peter Kavanagh

The Golden Bowl by Henry James

Dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths
HENRY JAMES ..... John Lynch
PRINCE AMERIGO ..... Luke Pasqualino
MAGGIE VERVER ..... Daisy Head
ADAM VERVER ..... Toby Jones
FANNY ASSINGHAM ..... Charlotte Emmerson
CHARLOTTE STANT ..... Nathalie Emmanuel

Henry James: The Portrait of a Gentleman

Drama for radio by Peter Ansorge
Henry James     Guy Paul
Fenimore     Katherine Kingsley
Esther (Fenimore's Mother)     Liza Ross
John Addington Symonds     John Guerrasio
Angelo Fusato     Yuri Buzzi
Director     Marilyn Imrie
Writer     Peter Ansorge

The Real Henry James

Producer: Elizabeth Burke
A Loftus Media production for BBC Radio 4.
Presenter     Olivia Williams
Reader     Henry Goodman
Producer     Elizabeth Burke

Love Henry James: The Master

Producer: Alasdair Cross



The Henry James BBC Radio Drama Collection