Pippa Nixon reads Orlando | Virginia Woolf

Pippa Nixon reads 'Orlando' by Virginia Woolf

8 hrs 22 mins

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 ---> TEXT: Virginia Woolf | Orlando | English text + traduction française

"This Penguin Classic is performed by Audie Award winner, Pippa Nixon, known for her roles in Unforgotten, John Carter and Mother Father Son. This definitive recording of Virginia Woolf's Orlando includes an introduction by Sandra M. Gilbert.   

Written for Virginia Woolf's intimate friend, the charismatic writer Vita Sackville-West, Orlando, is a playful mock biography of a chameleonic historical figure, immortal and ageless, who changes sex and identity on a whim.


Peter Wapnewski reads Also sprach Zarathustra (I, II, III) | Friedrich Nietzsche

Peter Wapnewski reads 'Also sprach Zarathustra' by Friedrich Nietzsche

German Text - Parts 1, 2, 3

8 hrs 42 mins

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Peter Wapnewski liest in überzeugender Kenntnis dieses großartigen Textes die ersten drei und damit die bedeutendsten Teile von "Zarathustra".

-> German & French Text

Ellie Kendrick reads Daisy Miller | Henry James

Ellie Kendrick reads 'Daisy Miller' by Henry James

3 hrs 5 mins

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-> Text in two parts

"This Penguin Classic is performed by Ellie Kendrick, known for her role as Meera Reed in Game of Thrones, she has also starred in Vanity Fair, and The Diary of Anne Frank. This definitive recording includes an introduction by David Lodge, read by Roy McMillan.  

Travelling in Europe with her family, Daisy Miller, an exquisitely beautiful young American woman, presents her fellow-countryman, Winterbourne, with a dilemma he cannot resolve. Is she deliberately flouting social convention in the outspoken way she talks and acts, or is she simply ignorant of those conventions? When she strikes up an intimate friendship with an urbane young Italian, her flat refusal to observe the codes of respectable behaviour leave her perilously exposed.


Rebecca Marder lit Lettres à Guillaume Apollinaire | Louise de Coligny-Châtillon

Rebecca Marder lit 'Lettres à Guillaume Apollinaire' de Louise de Coligny-Châtillon

1 hr 15 mins

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On connaissait une dizaine de lettres de Lou à Guillaume Apollinaire. Grâce à une découverte récente dans les archives du poète, c'est désormais près de cinquante nouvelles lettres qui sont accessibles. Lou, amante volage d'Apollinaire, assume sans culpabilité libertinage et liberté d'expression mais ne reste pourtant pas indifférente aux silences de Guillaume. Le poète apparaît alors moins comme le jouet d'une maîtresse frivole que comme celui qui a choisi de vivre discrètement une nouvelle aventure avec Madeleine Pagès, sa fiancée d'Oran. Aussi, l'image de Lou comme celle du poète d'Ombre de mon amour se voient enrichies et sensiblement modifiées par ces lettres, qui appellent une relecture des Lettres à Lou dont blancs et silences sont enfin comblés. ©2018 Éditions Gallimard

Rebecca Marder est entrée à la Comédie-Française comme comédienne Pensionnaire le 22 juin 2015.

Evan Rachel Wood reads Ark / Forward | Veronica Roth

Evan Rachel Wood reads 'Ark / Forward' by Veronica Roth

1 hr 22 mins

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Audible narration by Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld)

"On the eve of Earth’s destruction, a young scientist discovers something too precious to lose, in a story of cataclysm and hope by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Divergent trilogy.

It’s only two weeks before an asteroid turns home to dust. Though most of Earth has already been evacuated, it’s Samantha’s job to catalog plant samples for the survivors’ unknowable journey beyond. Preparing to stay behind and watch the world end, she makes a final human connection.

As certain doom hurtles nearer, the unexpected and beautiful potential for the future begins to flower.

Veronica Roth’s Ark is part of Forward, a collection of six stories of the near and far future from out-of-this-world authors. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single thought-provoking sitting".


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