Juliet Aubrey reads Middlemarch | George Eliot

Juliet Aubrey reads 'Middlemarch' by George Eliot

36 hrs 52 mins

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This Penguin Classic is performed by Juliet Aubrey, who won the BAFTA for Best Actress for her role as Dorothea Brooke in the BBC serial Middlemarch. This definitive recording includes an Introduction by Rosemary Ashton.


Liz Plank reads For the Love of Men, A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity | Liz Plank

Liz Plank reads 'For the Love of Men, A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity' by Liz Plank

10 hrs 35 mins

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"A nonfiction investigation into masculinity, For the Love of Men provides actionable steps for how to be a man in the modern world, while also exploring how being a man in the world has evolved.

In 2019, traditional masculinity is both rewarded and sanctioned. Men grow up being told that boys don’t cry and dolls are for girls (a newer phenomenon than you might realize - gendered toys came back in vogue as recently as the '80s). They learn they must hide their feelings and anxieties, that their masculinity must constantly be proven. They must be the breadwinners, they must be the romantic pursuers. This hasn’t been good for the culture at large: 99 percent of school shooters are male; men in fraternities are 300 percent (!) more likely to commit rape; a woman serving in uniform has a higher likelihood of being assaulted by a fellow soldier than to be killed by enemy fire.


Marie Tirmont lit La petite sirène | Hans Christian Andersen

Marie Tirmont lit 'La petite sirène' de Hans Christian Andersen

50 mins

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Marie Tirmont est une actrice et musicienne française née le 11 octobre 1990. Active dans le doublage, elle est notamment la voix française régulière de Francia Raisa, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones), Dakota Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Amelia Rose Blaire ou encore de Lupita Nyong'o et Anna Popplewell.

Nicole Kidman reads To the Lighthouse | Virginia Woolf

Nicole Kidman reads 'To the Lighthouse' by Virginia Woolf

6 hrs 37 mins

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To the Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf’s arresting analysis of domestic family life, centering on the Ramseys and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland in the early 1900s. Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, Eyes Wide Shut), who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Woolf in the film adaptation of Michael Cunningham’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Hours, brings the impressionistic prose of this classic to vibrant life.

Split into three parts, the story observes Mrs. Ramsay, Mr. Ramsey, and their children at their vacation house on the Isle of Skye. While the novel follows seemingly trivial events between the family members, the plot takes a backseat to philosophical introspection, which gave the novel its fame as an icon of modernist literature. The Ramseys’ quest to recapture meaning creates a powerful allegory of man’s impermanent battle with the tangible world.


Peter Matic reads Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit | Marcel Proust

Peter Matic reads 'Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit' by Marcel Proust (German translation) 

156 hrs

1. In Swanns Welt - 20 hrs 35 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

2. Im Schatten junger Mädchenblüte - 25 hrs 39 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

3. Die Welt der Guermantes - 28 hrs 53 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

4. Sodom und Gomorra - 26 hrs 49 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

5. Die Gefangene - 21 hrs 15 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

6. Die Entflohene  - 14 hrs 6 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr

7. Die wiedergefundene Zeit - 18 hrs 57 mins - Audible.com Audible.de Audible.fr


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